The people of United States and Canada are victims of an attempt to poison them.

First Edition Sold Out!!


Thank you to all those who have made the book The Slow Poisoning of America such a wonderful success.  Your encouraging comments and testimonies on how the book changed your life have inspired us to continue our research and writing.

Unfortunately, due to overwhelming demand in United States, Canada, and over fifteen other countries, First Edition copies of “The Slow Poisoning of America” are no longer available for order.  

We apologize that we were unable to keep up with the demand of this book as many copies have been purchased by libraries, government agencies, physicians and even Cancer clinics.

Instead of creating another print run of The Slow Poisoning of America the authors are currently creating a new edition.  This new book, entitled “The Antidote to the Slow Poisoning of America”  will include all the chapters of The Slow Poisoning of America, and also several new chapters including updates on more research completed over the last eighteen months.  These chapters will include evidence identifying the dangers of ingredients such as Canola oil and Soy products, and identify substances proven to heal a great variety of cancers as well as other ailments outlined in The Slow Poisoning of America.  ‘The Antidote’  will describe the journey of the authors and their children as they changed their diet and lifestyle to result in the curing of family obesity, asthma, allergies, and ADHD.  For two years their medicine cabinet has been empty, with not even a bottle of headache medication required. 
The publishing and printing of this book will make it unavailable to the public until the spring of 2005.  Thank you for making The Slow Poisoning of America the global success it has become, changing peoples health and awareness in a more profound way then was ever expected.

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